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Bloom Graphic Design is me, Laura Bloom. For 11 years, I've been doing graphic design for agencies. In 2002, I decided to start my own venture. Voila! Bloom Graphic Design.

What I do.

I think. Strategically. Conceptually. Pragmatically.

And then I design with this in mind: Is it impactful? Is the message clear? Is the tone right? Does it look good? Will it stand out from the competition? Is it practical? How can I make it better?

What can I do for you?

If you are an agency, I am available for on- or off-site freelance. If your team is getting overloaded and you're not at the point of wanting to add a full-timer, give me a call. I'm pretty good at jumping right in without any hand holding.

If you are anyone else in need of graphic design services, what can I say...you'll get agency experience that costs a lot less.

But truth be told, you're not here for the pitch, you're here to see the work. Click on the buttons above to see my work in packaging, inoculative, 980-244-4072, dowless and teemer.